3 desserts for Easter low in calories

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50627048-pastel-de-queso-hecho-en-casa-delicioso-con-las-fresas-en-la-mesa-de-madera-blancaTreat yourself to a special date

If you feel that you will miss the desserts Easter, I say that is not necessary. You can treat yourself to this special date, without having to forbid eating a sweet food. To do this, you brindaré three low-calorie desserts, you can take advantage of at this time.

In times when family and friends gather, it is more tempting to eat something tasty and sweet. Therefore, in this Easter approaching not deprive yourself to give you a taste. You can do this by eating a tasty dessert and special, but low in calories.

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So you can choose, you brindare 3 choices of desserts Easter.

Light cheese cake: This cake is ideal for those who want to care and not add calories to the diet.
light apple pancakes: This option is not only low calories, but is vegetarian (the crepe is made with chickpea flour) and very tasty.
Flan light mandarin: This flan is original, tasty and low in calories. It even has the addition of chia seeds, which besides being suitable for slimming seeds are very healthy for the heart. TAKE ADVANTAGE not regret it!
While these are just 3 choices of desserts, you can find many more if you click on light dessert recipes. In this section there are many choices of desserts that will not only make you look great (if you have to cook), but they are low-calorie desserts.

Moreover, do not forget that Easter can take advantage and prepare the roulade light Easter eggs or Easter low in calories and fat.

If you’re dieting does not mean you can not enjoy the food. You can do it !, you should only consider light consume moderate portions and recipes. This way you can enjoy the pleasure of food, without adding too many calories to your diet.

Remember that for this Easter, you can also draw on a special diet, tips and suggestions to subtract calories, as well as other recipes for main meals such as tuna empanadas, Galician empanada light or stuffed squid light.

I hope to please thee!

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