3 light dressings for your salads

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35534115-saladA different way to spice up your meals

Eating salads is a habit that everyone should keep in mind, regardless of whether or not they are on a diet. It is that they allow nuclear in a same plate very diverse nutrients, being able to generate thus a complete and delicious plate. The point is this: salads can become boring. But, of course, to get to that instance will depend on your ability to make them something appealing. An interesting way is by resorting to these “non-traditional” dressings, which will give a twist to this dish. In this article, in addition, are accompanied the recommendations of which accompany each one of these dressings.

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These are three seasonings that you can put into practice without problems, with ease and that will fit your salads and dishes:

Garnish with basil and garlic: Traditionally, it could resemble in a certain way the Italian pasta sauce known as pesto. Scented combination of basil, garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Perfect for tomatoes, green leaves and salads that include chicken, among other things.
Cucumber dressing: A wonderful and fresh combination of natural yogurt, cucumber, radishes and also Perfect to accompany warm and even hot vegetables, green leafy salads, with chicken or fish and of course any dish of Arabic or Greek tilt .
Grapefruit dressing and sesame oil: Mix two tablespoons of grapefruit juice, one of sesame oil and a few drops of soy sauce. Thus you will have a perfect dressing for salads with oriental or Mexican dyes. It will also get along with some fish or chicken meat.

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