4 light recipes with avocado

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14649210-avocadoA calorie fruit something, but suitable for diet

The avocado is a fruit that, for many, must be eliminated from the diet. Big mistake. If eaten in perspective, it may be beneficial. Be sure to find some recipes in which you can incorporate.

The avocado is one of those vegetables that is usually not highly valued within diets. It has fat, it is true, and also a certain calorie content that is not entirely suitable for a low rate them: about 200 kcal per 100 grams of product. But, nevertheless, it has properties that are really good, as their fatty acids are of high quality, is rich in vitamins of various kinds and should not be discarded for a diet.

As long as you eat it in moderation, given the amount of fat and calories, you will bring more benefits than harm. For this reason, you just have to take note of the recipes that you offer then so can enjoy this tasty fruit in different variants. Salads, vegetable creams, pâté with tuna … All this and more can prepare with him. Do not let contemplate these options.

Here are four recipes with avocado light:

Light salad with avocado and chicken: Poultry meat and avocado (also known as this fruit) combine wonders. And if you add a touch of onion, tomato and lemon juice, as in this recipe, as much better.
Avocado and tuna pate: Avocado, when ripe, is ideal for preparing spreadable pates and creams. Mixed with tuna remain of wonders and will serve to accompany raw vegetables sticks.
Guacamole light: A classic of Mexican cuisine, perfect to eat as a salad to accompany some lean grilled meat or just to have as a starter. Fresh and delicious.
Bittersweet avocado salad: avocado, tomato, onion and orange. A super tasty combination that going great as a salad for any time of day. The creaminess of this fruit will wonders with said citric. Do not let to try this option.

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