4 light recipes with pork

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12985822-la-carne-de-cerdo-fresca-en-una-tabla-de-cortarOptions with pork to include in your diet low in calories

The pork can be consumed in a diet without any problems. But it is also true that should not be any cut or the first recipe you come in grace. In this article you will find four options light to eat pork or means get out of your system.

There is a popular statement, which is partly true but also has its share of myth, which says that pork is not entirely suitable for weight loss. Okay, there are cuts that are full of fat and calories. But a sirloin a carré and other parts of the animal are completely fit for a diet, as long as they consume lean and well cooked accordingly.

There are many recipes that you can put into practice so you see that eating pork fat may be true. Just review the options, find the one you like and put it into practice to see what you think. All include healthy cooking and even the occasional exotic touch to put some color and variety to your diet.

These are four light recipes with pork that you might find interesting:

Sauteed pork and vegetables light: A recipe for clear oriental inspiration, where a lean cut of pork is combined with various vegetables, mushrooms and a short cooking over high heat, so they are crunchy vegetables and ready to be enjoyed.
Pork with applesauce: A classic prescribed, as applesauce (prepared in light version), will go great with pork. The latter shall be prepared with a touch of soy sauce and red beer, but without any fat that harms you.

Orange pork: A simple preparation having a fruity touch, but it is not as sour as can seem. Touch for the perfect pairing is mustard, perhaps one of the condiments that best leads with the pig.
Pork and pineapple salad: This is another combination that takes wonders. Pineapple, with its acidic sweetness contrasts wonderfully with pork, which already is quite likely to be mixed optimally with fruits. It is mixed with green leaves, a touch of onion and a vinaigrette with an oriental touch to dress it.

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