4 recipes for weight loss with baking soda

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16479869-cucharada-de-bicarbonatoSodium bicarbonate, an excellent partner for alkalizing the body

Sodium bicarbonate is one of those items that never usually missing in the homes for several reasons: it is used in cooking, it is used in cleaning and also can be used for the body to benefit from their properties. In fact, it is also used for weight loss. Luckily, you will find several recipes to use it.

Why is sodium bicarbonate good diet?

It is one of the most common within the already famous alkaline diet, struggling to impose an eating method that recovers the natural supplements, quit consuming industrialized and refined products and, above all, help fight body acidity makes the body weight gain.

This is how this substance is imposed as one of the most used in the foundation of life alkaline. Ways to use baking soda for weight loss, there are actually many.

You can try, meanwhile, with one of four recipes that are proposed below.

Apple cider vinegar cure

Apple cider vinegar is known as one of the best fat burning world. Found on sodium bicarbonate a good way to generate an alkaline environment that helps you lose weight effectively.

The apple cider vinegar cure for easily prepared and consumed in the same way. Just see the full link to find out how the cure is.

Lemon soda

This is the alkalizing mixture par excellence and one of the most in vogue today. You can usually consume in the morning to fight the damage it can do the acidity in your body.

The lemon soda is great for debugging and metabolize. Yes, provided they do not have high blood pressure, kidney problems or common gastric problems.

Alkaline strawberry milkshake

Strawberries are not only the most alkalizing fruits that exist, but also collaborate with good amount of fiber, vitamins and other properties for the body.

An interesting way to combat obesity is to eat naturally alkaline strawberry milkshake with a more than palatable.

Grapefruit juice and sodium bicarbonate

Already grapefruit is often considered one of the best fruits when it comes to helping the body burn fat. Imagine in this context alkalinity, based on sodium bicarbonate, how well you can turn out to be.

In itself, it is not so different from the mixture with lemon and will be great for those who love this fruit.

Discover in the following video more tricks to deflate the stomach with sodium bicarbonate.

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