5 detoxifying vegetables

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Waste leaving poor diet and improper eating habits

Poor diet and improper eating habits are a major cause of accumulating waste that cause metabolic problems such as overweight. To address this problem it is important to detoxify the body. What? Through the incorporation of at least 5 vegetables to the diet.

Sometimes you can not lose weight because your body, your organs and your cells contain substances that prevent proper operation. This process can cause an accumulation of waste which not only prevents the action of weight loss diets, but also makes you gain weight.

To prevent this from happening, nothing beats incorporate vegetables to the diet. While all provide cleansing properties because they are high-fiber foods, there are some other compounds that further enhance the detoxifying effect. Want to know what? I present you the list.

10529707-cae-jefe-de-col-con-roc-oCabbage. This plant contains an active substance (methyl bromide metioninsulfonato) that improves stomach activity and for the smooth functioning of the first portion of the intestine, the duodenum. This will allow food to pass more quickly through the digestive tract and drag with the waste that are along all the bodies of digestion. You can add the cabbage into soups, smoothies, juices and salads.

Spinach. This vegetable stimulates the production of secretin (a hormone that is secreted into the duodenum (first portion of the small intestine) stimulates the liver to produce bile acids, water and bicarbonate. All these compounds contribute to peristalsis in addition to alkalizing the environment, reducing the formation toxins and help eliminate them. The can eat cooked, raw and include them in soups, salads, puddings, panaches, juices or smoothies.

Peppers. These plants have as a main component to capsaicin, an antioxidant component that reduces the action of certain residues that can cause degenerative diseases. Its mechanism of action would relate to the stimulation of the urinary tract, because it removes excess fluid from the body.

Radishes. These vegetables contain rafanol, substance that promotes digestion, stimulates intestinal muscle and therefore, the body clearance. Moreover, purified bile ducts. The can incorporate salads, juices, smoothies or any preparation that you like.

Tomatoes. Besides containing fiber, tomato provides vitamin C and potassium, micronutrients stimulates renal system for removing excess fluids and toxins. You can prepare juices, smoothies, sauces or consume fresh in salads.

If you want to detoxify your body and start losing weight, these 5 vegetables should not miss in your diet. Each of them, for different reasons, are useful for removing waste from the body. Do not miss the properties that give you natural foods.

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