5 drinks to help you lose weight

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9585703-simple-conjunto-t-chino--peque-a-taza-de-t--filtro-teabowl-y-t-en-la-mesa-de-madera5 drinks that reduce calories to your diet

If you already know what drinks you should not include or that you should control while on a diet, now it is important that you know what the drinks that help you lose weight and reduce calories to your diet.

Drinks, especially carbonated drinks, have empty calories. Why? Because they only provide calories, without providing other nutrients.

Because these types of drinks are an important caloric source among those who are overweight, it is important to know which are the 5 drinks that help you to lose weight.

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5 drinks that reduce calories to your diet

Infusions or teas: these drinks not only do not contribute calories (as long as you do not add sugar or honey), but also provide properties that can help you lose weight, such as diuretic infusions, laxatives or quemagrasas.
Water: Water is the right drink for any diet to lose weight. This not only does not provide calories, but helps you eliminate toxins that can damage your weight loss process.
Light refreshments, 0% sugar: These soft drinks do not provide calories and can be a good replacement for regular soda. Just keep in mind that they contain sodium and gas, which can lead to fluid retention and / or intestinal inflammation.
Natural fruit and vegetable juices: While these provide the calories of the foods you include, you are consuming other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that can help you lose weight.
Water flavored light or 0% calories: these types of waters are a good alternative to regular flavored waters, especially if you do not fancy common or table water.
When it comes to diet everything counts, food and drinks alike. Therefore, become aware of what you drink and eat to achieve your goal, to lose weight naturally and effectively.

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