5 drinks to remove from your diet

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37367836-un-joven-viendo-la-televisi-n-en-la-noche-con-papas-fritas-y-cerveza-en-casa-en-la-sala-de-estarThe 5 drinks that make you fat

Drinks influence like foods in weight, so it is important to know what drinks you should eliminate from your diet, as they provide many calories. Taking into account this information, in this note you will find the 5 most fattening drinks.

When diagrams a diet to lose weight, you have to take into account everything you eat, whether it be food, snacks and even drinks.

While many can help you lose weight, many others may add up to kilos almost without realizing it. So, you better know the 5 drinks that you should eliminate from your diet.

The 5 drinks that make you fat

Regular carbonated drinks: These provide many calories and no nutrient or property that allows you, at least not fattening.

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Juice powder to dilute: these juices provide about 50 calories / cup. If you consider that it is suggested to drink 8 glasses of water or liquid per day, you would be adding 400 calories.
Flavored waters: Although water is the right drink to lose weight and detoxify the body, if they are flavored you have to be careful, as they provide 60 calories / glass of drink. If you perform the same operation, taking into account 8 glasses a day, you will add about 480 calories.
Wine: Although wine is a cardiprotective drink, when it comes to weight loss you should keep it in mind. If you fancy red wine, it is important that you know that this brings many calories, and above calories water.
Beer: With beer, there is controversy as to whether or not you gain weight. While on your day allowed you could drink a glass of beer, you should keep in mind that its consumption should not be daily, as it brings a considerable number of calories.
Although, when you want to lose weight these drinks can be consumed from time to time, the problem is that it is difficult to control your intake, especially if we talk about alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks. Therefore, if you know that you can not control yourself, it is preferable to eliminate them from your diet, and consume mineral water or carbonated light drinks.

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