5 Ideas of less than 150 calories to eat on toast

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12039933-ensalada-olivier-ensalada-tradicional-de-rusiaRich and healthy for snacks when you are hungry between meals

Are you one of those who always hungry mid-morning or afternoon? Is it hard to solve these periods without overdoing with meals? Well, in a simple toasted bread, supplemented with the elements indicated, you can become the key. You stop not keep these options!

A slice of about 20 grams of bread and toast is nothing more than about 60 calories. So, you on that basis, with only 90 calories add some other food, have a great snack of 150 calories, you provide satiety and allow you to eat something healthy and rich. You stop not try some (or all) of these options!

5 Ideas of less than 150 calories to eat in a toast:

Beets and 0% white cheese: Did you have left a piece of cooked beets? Take a piece of about 80 grams (35 calories). Place in the glass of a blender with a tablespoon of white cheese about 20 grams (50 calories or less, according to the cheese). Processed with lemon juice, salt, pepper and some grass. Spread on toast and have a rich and healthy snack of 145 calories.
Some hummus never fails: Like the chickpea? Then you can treat yourself, because that is often sold commercially, has about 160 calories per 100 grams. Therefore, if you use about 50 grams on toast, you’re taking 140 calories of a protein, tasty and nutritious snacking. And if you prepare at home with less oil, lemon and more water, even lower caloric content.

Ten hand-rich carrot mayonnaise: 50 grams of carrot puree, combined with half a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic powder, lemon juice, salt and pepper add just 150 calories. A rich and generous when you are hungry at any time of the day prescription.

A slice of turkey and cheese: a slice of skinless turkey breast and roast about 20 grams has only 25 calories. If you add a tablespoon of about 20 grams of spreadable cheese (preferably 0% fat), you have 50 more-and less well, according to uses- cheese. A few drops of lemon juice, some lettuce leaf, salt, pimiemta and you have a perfect collation of only 135 calories.

Tomato and avocado: 50 grams of diced tomato are only 10 calories. If you add 40 grams of avocado also cubeteado, you have 80 calories. pepper and a touch of lemon salt, resulting in about 150 calories in a slice of toast. Not bad, right?

PinteresttostadaComo icon advice, it is worth noting that it is always better to use whole wheat bread. While you may have the same amount of calories, or a few less, is much more nutritious because it will offer fiber, vitamins and other elements that bread made with refined white flour unfortunately do not provide. It is a change that costs nothing and can benefit more.

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