5 light dinners to lose weight

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15753915-char-pollo-asado-llamado-yakitoriLight meals for a slow metabolism

Dinner is food that often tends to be more abundant and plentiful. Therefore, you brindaré 5 light meals and light to accelerate the slow metabolism so you can lose weight.

If we take consciousness that our body has its own biological clock, surely we would not think of eating hearty dinners, since in this period of the day, our metabolism is slower.

Our body reacts in a totally different form what we intend. What I mean by this? Often we sobrexigimos our body to work more than you can, especially when we dined excessively.

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As the day progresses, the body lowers its metabolism slowly coming to dinner with a much slower metabolism than in the morning. It is therefore important that you make light dinners, which allow you to fit you to your circadian cycle.

5 light dinners to lose weight

Light 1 Dinner: 1 serving of pumpkin pie and chicken. 1 bowl of lettuce and arugula salad. 1 part light gelatin.
Light dinner 2: 1 chicken breast stuffed light. 1 serving of salad of grated carrot and tomato. 1 fruit baked.
Light dinner 3: 4 sweet and sour chicken skewers with steamed vegetables. 1 part light gelatin.
Light dinner 4: 1 serving of stewed beef light. 1 cup of fruit salad.
Light dinner 5: 1 serving light fish with green sauce. 1 serving of spinach salad, pimento pepper and endive. 1 part light gelatin with 1 tablespoon of light cream.
These 5 light and light dinners adapt to slower metabolism that occurs at night. However the light dinners you can prepare yourself by following certain tips, it is important that you present not go to sleep right away to eat, as this habit is not beneficial for weight loss. Even if you dine early, before going to sleep, you can walk about 20 minutes, which will help your weight loss process.

It is important that you become aware of what your body needs, do not force nature, eat more at breakfast and lunch and less for dinner.

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