5 light viands to start the summer slimming

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The Fat Decimator System

32073666-pizza-fresca-tuna-hecho-cerca-de-disparo-en-el-fondo-de-madera-r-stica5 Practical Ideas to carry out the diet away from home

If you want to start losing weight the summer, the best way is to organize your light food for eating out. To do this, you can consider at least 5 practical ideas that will help you lose weight and enjoy the summer.

Eating out can be an obstacle to starting a diet to lose weight, but need not be. You can consider some practical ideas, to carry out the diet away from home.

The Fat Decimator System

5 light viands to start the summer slimming

Turkey breast sandwich, lettuce and tomato bread made with Piita. Used as a condiment white spreadable cheese 0% fat.

Pizza Tuna: A single pizza homemade tomato sauce, tuna and arugula leaves. This food does not need to heat as both tuna and arugula can eat it cold. If you want you can add a splash of olive oil.

Baked tortilla spinach: You can prepare a light omelette. Uses a single mold. To not use many whole eggs, use one whole egg and two egg whites. In this way proteins and sums you reduce fat.

Stuffed Tomatoes: Two halves stuffed with mixture of brown rice, tuna and chopped peppers. To attach the filler used spreadable white cheese 0% fat or light white sauce.
Caesar salad with chicken light: This salad contains fresh vegetables and protein-rich foods, which not only provide satiety, but helps burn fat faster.

In addition to these light viands, other low calorie ideas that can help you to start and continue the thinner summer and a better quality of life.

Dieting away from home, in your office or other work, you can draw on different viands low calories. There are even snacks and light meals that can complement these viands to not add calories throughout the day.

If you are ready to start the summer with less kilos, do not stop to consider these ideas. Even if you want to share with us your own ideas of light viands, you can write them in the comments. Sure will be very useful!

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