5 Low-calorie recipes for this winter

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10009877-tea5 light recipes for winter

Salads, vegetable spreadable creams, grilled breast and so many other recipes work wonders all year long. But in winter, no matter how much you are dieting, the body asks for something very hot and substantial in winter. It is true that it is not necessary to leave the regime to give a taste to the palate. It is a matter of finding the recipe indicated and preparing it in such a way that it becomes low calories. Here are some options you can enjoy without guilt in your steaming winter dish.

Here are 5 low calorie recipes you can put into practice this winter:

Chickpea light snack: A meal that never disappoints for low temperatures. Obviously, in this version there will be no chorizo ​​or bacon. But delicious vegetables and such legume, the main recipe.

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Callus stew: Callos, also known as mondongo, are very popular in some geographies. But they often prepare themselves too calorically. This is not the case for this recipe, great for low temperatures.
Anti-cold soup and kilos: A combination of pumpkin, cucumber and carrot, which is fortified with a touch of wheat germ. It is perfect for taking something that will do you good to lose weight, which will fill you with good properties and give you natural energy. Very good.
Wholemeal pasta with pumpkin sauce: This is a simple, healthy and tasty recipe. It serves more than good for the winter, as it will give you energy, without losing sight of your regime.
Red spicy and fruity tea: What better than to drink a good hot infusion but with a distinctive touch to cross the winter better? With this recipe of red tea, you will also favor your weight loss. It is a combination that includes cardamom, cinnamon, a hint of orange and red berries. A treat.

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