5 salads to lose weight

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35534115-salad5 fresh meals and light

Spring is coming and with it you start to change your diet to achieve lose some extra kilos. To do this, you can include five salads, which have the characteristic of being fresh and light, and also will help you lose weight.

Salads are preparations that although can be consumed at any time of year, they are ideal for spring and summer. These generally are low calorie foods fresh, light, low-fat; provided that do not add fat dressings, such as mayonnaise, ketchup or other sauces.

If you combine to prepare foods such as salads, vegetables in general, fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, lean meats (fish, chicken or turkey) and seeds, get special meals to lose weight.

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5 salads to lose weight

And orange lentil salad: This salad combines vegetables with fruit, and you can consume it as a main meal. This food is rich in protein, iron can take advantage with vitamin C of oranges; and it is fresh and light.
Pork and pineapple salad: This preparation contains pork (which should remove visible fat), as well as pineapple, a fruit that combines very good with the pork sour taste. This bittersweet preparation is different, fresh and low calories.
Warm salad of mushrooms and green leaves: This salad is different because, although it’s refreshing, it’s warm. It combines different vegetables weight loss properties.
Beet salad and light tuna: This combine food fish with vegetables, two foods that have properties to lose weight and prevent cardiovascular complications.
Tomato and tofu salad: This salad is a vegetarian preparation, in which an oriental food like tofu combined with tomato (a food rich in antioxidants and low in calories).
These 5 variants of salads can include them in a special diet to lose weight. You can even eat them as a main meal, as they are nutritious, but light. Furthermore, these preparations will provide satiety and hunger removed.

The salads have many properties that help you lose weight, so you aprovéchalas and add them to your diet.

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