9 Recipes Healthy snacking, low in carbohydrates

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16342465-nueces-almendras-sabrosos-aislados-en-blancoSnacks to eat between meals without fear

Often times, snacking between meals is condemning what just a diet. Overeating and, above all, take those unsuitable foods, can become one of the worst decisions. Consider these nine healthy snacking options and reduced carb know in this note.

Peck between meals is a danger threatening your diet. But, frankly, it’s normal and we all like to do. The issue is how to choose well what it takes in those idle hours between lunch and dinner, or even mid-morning until bedtime. The desire to eat something ensue and, with them, the alarm goes off.

I said: it is a matter of choices. If you decant for those foods that are light, they do not have many carbohydrates, nutrients that give you interesting and, above all, fulfill the mission of snack or snack, for the better. Here you will find a number of options you are going to sit more than fine for this purpose.

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9 Recipes fearlessly peck between meals

Zucchini curry. A simple recipe that you can prepare in the form of snack. Cut zucchini lengthwise or width, whatever, but in thin slices. Spray a baking plate with vegetable spray and cover with them. Season with curry and salt. It leads to low oven until golden brown.
Snack of pumpkin seeds. Take 50 grams of seeds or pipes tuéstalas peeled pumpkin in a saucepan over low heat. When browned, add a splash of soy sauce and let it caramelize a bit until they are ready to eat. A perfect snacking that is really tasty. You can also use sunflower seeds that are just as well.

Banana and coconut truffles. Pisa half a banana with a few tablespoons of grated coconut, almonds (or some dried fruit) and a pinch of ground oatmeal to form a mass that can shape easily by hand. No sugar added, although it is perhaps more carbohydrate option of all these preparations. It goes well to give you a taste.

Kale chips. One of vegetables fashion. It is perfect for diet and looks good in chip format. You just have to spray with vegetable spray and take it to the oven until chips are dry and crisp. You can eat whatever you fancy, it is very low in calories, not carbohydrates are healthy and where they are viewed.

A good mix of nuts. 50 grams of nuts when you have a little hungry do not feel at all bad. Is 250 calories, with completely healthy fats, they are satisfying, delicious and will not affect your health in any negative way. Choose almonds, walnuts. cashews, chestnuts and others.

A bowl of cottage with red berries. Can you think of a more delightful combination this? Mix 100 grams of cottage cheese with a mixture of red fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Sweeten, if you want, with a touch of stevia or enjoy as well, which is a marvel of all forms.

Hummus and celery. This is a delicious combination. It is that if you are planning a lightweight chickpea hummus, with chickpeas, a little water, a splash of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper, do not have much to worry about. A portion of hummus with celery stalks will leave satisfied, you eat something delicious and something that in no way affect your diet.

Smoothie green tea and an apple. Place a diced green apple with its skin and a cup of green tea. Process until a homogeneous batter and you’ll have a great, healthy and refreshing drink. If you add a sprig of mint, even better.
Apple chips. Cut apples into thin and very soft fire to bake slices. You can also dehydrate or even buy apple chips, provided they have no added sugar. They are great for pecking and incorporate very few calories or food unsuitable values.

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