Acai berry slimming shake

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15737030-chokeberry-03 (1)Antioxidant, rich in fiber and healthy

Acai berries have become one of the most revolutionary fruits that have appeared worldwide in recent times. It is that they are very antioxidant and this is always a good thing for health, from any point of view. This, taken to the field of weight loss, is also an incentive. In addition to having fibers, they are good for cholesterol and many other things, you should not ignore them. And what if you incorporate them in this interesting shake to lose weight?


A spoonful of acai berry berries
A slice of pineapple
An Apple
The juice of two oranges

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Place the acai berries in the glass of a blender, where you will add the slice of pineapple, the apple with its skin (without its seeds) and also the juice of the two oranges. Beat well until the elements are fully integrated with each other, resulting in a homogeneous smooth appeal.

To consume it, the ideal is always to do it on an empty stomach. This time of day is best, as the body assimilates this kind of nutrients better. In addition, acai berry is notoriously energizing, which is why it is great to start the day with all the batteries.

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