Ajoblanco light for diet

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An easy and nutritious cold soup

Ajoblanco is one of the most traditional Iberian recipes in existence. Many people take a bit of this classic cold soup, like gazpacho, before their meals or when they want something tasty and highly digestible. The original version carries many more almonds, bread and olive oil. But you can try with this alternative light, which will not add large calories to your diet, but a lot of flavor.


A large zucchini
100 grams of peeled almonds
Two cloves of garlic
A cup of cold water
Two or three tablespoons of vinegar (or replace with lemon juice)
A tablespoon of olive oil
Salt and pepper

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In a frying pan or oven, toast almonds previously peeled. Place them in the glass of a blender, where you will add the zucchini (very well raw), diced, garlic cloves, vinegar and olive oil, in addition to the water, as cold as possible. Beat the entire preparation until it is completely integrated.

Now you will only have to correct salt and pepper, in addition to level with water if you had been too thick this ajoblanco light. Then serve and enjoy it fresh. It is a recipe with many nutrients and few calories, perfect to take in small portions or to have in the refrigerator.

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