Alcohol-free cocktail for light parties

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52899988-barmaid-preparaci-n-de-c-cteles-en-un-bar-para-sus-clientes--camarero-en-el-trabajo-en-un-clubLow-calorie fruit cocktail

During Christmas or New Year holidays, one of the classic drinks is champagne, cider or cocktails that give a special touch to the celebration. Regardless of the importance you have these types of drinks for the holidays, if you are on a diet you surely worry a little knowing what to take and how much to drink. Therefore, in this note you will find a recipe of a fruity cocktail without alcohol and low in calories for a light holiday, so you can enjoy without guilt.

During a celebration, you can continue with your diet, you just need to adapt your diet to this event. For this, one of the most important points that you have to keep in mind is the drink.

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If you want to have a different alternative to a cocktail with alcohol, you can prepare a low-calorie, alcohol-free cocktail that will be delicious and especially light.

Low Calorie Fruit Cocktail Recipe

½ pineapple cut into cubes without shell.
3 oranges without skin and without seed.
1 cup of strawberries without ropes and cut in half.
5 spoonfuls of powdered or granulated sweetener.
1 liter of water.

Place all the fruits in a blender and process until all is well mixed.
Add the water and the sweetener.
Blender for a few seconds and bring to the refrigerator.
Once you decide to serve the cocktail, just remove it from the refrigerator, beat it and add crushed ice.

For a better presentation, just pass a slice of lemon by the rim of the glass, and pass it by sweetening the powder or granules. Finally add a few mint leaves.

This way you will get a very tasty fruity cocktail, free of alcohol and best of all low in calories. Enjoy it!

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