Almond homemade mayonnaise

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21156647-mayonnaiseA healthy and fit sauce for all

While almonds are not exactly low in calories, they are rich in a number of very positive nutrients for the body. It moderately consume in the diet to lose weight, never be wrong. You can do it through this homemade mayonnaise, very tasty and easy to prepare.

While a recipe that has oil and almonds should not be considered light, one can not deny that, taken in moderate amount, a homemade almond mayonnaise can go perfectly well on a diet. All its components are completely healthy. Even several of them are good for weight loss. For the same reason, try not to let this simple and tasty sauce, which can serve to accompany your meals.


Half cup of almonds
Half cup of vegetable milk (soy, etc.)
Half cup of sunflower oil
The juice of a lemon
Two cloves of garlic small (or large one)
A tablespoon mustard
sea ​​salt and black pepper

Put the almonds soak in boiling water for a few seconds. Pass them under cold water and scrape out the skin. Tuéstalas just and place them in the glass of a blender along with garlic. There you will add water and begin to beat, as you go adding the oil in the form of thread. You should stay with the consistency of mayonnaise, silky and smooth.

Now it’s season with a little sea salt, black pepper to taste, a tablespoon of mustard and lemon juice. Mix well and have a perfect mayonnaise, which you you can add chopped fresh herbs, olives and equally well with ingredients you can think of. Thus, in a few minutes you will have a completely healthy dip spreadable.

This almond mayonnaise block within the great range of healthy and completely free of cholesterol and animal elements, such as homemade tofu mayonnaise or light mayonnaise sauces pumpkin. While it must be eaten in moderation as it has enough oil and almonds are not exactly low in calories, it is delicious and you can include in your diet because its nutrients are wonderful in every respect.

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