Beans low-sodium mint to lose weight

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44414037-habas-dentro-de-un-taz-n-de-cer-mica-terracota-y-el-fondo-r-sticoFitting to prevent fluid retention

If you are looking for a light and low-calorie side dish to help you avoid fluid retention, reduce your pressure and also to lose weight, you can dip recipe beans to low-sodium mint.

High blood pressure, fluid retention and overweight are risk factors that can be united. Hypertension can cause fluid retention, which can increase your weight something. Obesity turn, can generate some resistance to increase blood pressure and turn fluid retention.

In all cases, it is important to find recipes to help treat overweight, fluid retention and high blood pressure. If this is your case, in the lining of beans to low-sodium mint, you can find a natural, tasty and effective alternative.

Beans recipe low sodium mint


150 gr. beans
1 teaspoon olive oil.
1 tablespoon light white sauce.
10 gr. chopped mint.
1 clove minced garlic.
Pepper to taste.

Boil the beans. Once they are cooked, drain.
Pour olive oil over the nonstick pan, add garlic and mint and dóralos, without losing their color.
Mix with beans.
Once ready, add the hot white sauce and season with pepper to taste.
This preparation is light, low in fat and calories; and it is also low in sodium. This lining is ideal for a low-calorie and low sodium menu.

If you need to watch your weight, your blood pressure and even are diabetic, you can include this recipe to your diet. On the other hand, these foods can help reduce fluid retention, which can help you lose some extra kilos.

Both high blood pressure, and obesity are serious diseases themselves, but complement, the severity increases, becoming major cardiovascular risk factors.

Remember, diet, physical activity and medical management are critical to treat overweight and blood pressure and to reduce other risk factors such as diabetes and dyslipidemia.

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