Bechamel sauce for Dukan diet

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The version of the classic adapted white sauce

The bechamel sauce is perfect to accompany many recipes. But, of course, the Dukan diet has its restrictions. Anyway, perhaps to accompany some vegetable in the cruise phase or serve as a sauce or base for some meat, you can try this interesting alternative. It is very simple to prepare and you can come very well for those moments.


A cup of skim milk 0%
One tablespoon of cornstarch (Maicena)
A piece of cube of defatted broth of the flavor you like most
A little vegetable spray
Salt, pepper and nutmeg

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Apply a little vegetable spray on the bottom of a hot pan. Then add the corn starch and start to stir. Start adding the milk, preferably hot, little by little; All this, without stopping to stir even a moment. Add the piece of broth and continue stirring until you have added the milk completely and your béchamel sauce has the desired consistency.

Finally, it will be time to season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Thus, you will have a simple recipe that you can use in certain phases of the Dukan diet without any problems. It is a matter of simply trying it and you will see how well it turns out as company sauce.

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