Bread esenio to lose weight without losing your strength

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31926666-el-pan-blanco-en-rodajas-mohosoHow to prepare esenio light bread

Esenio bread is a bread that is made from sprouted seeds. These provide special properties that make it “living bread”. Its components act on your body, in a way that helps you lose weight, without losing your strength. Therefore, if you are thinking of losing weight and gain strength, nothing better than knowing how to prepare esenio light bread ;-).

Bread is the most popular and traditional food there is. Although there are different types of bread, esenio bread is special, not only because of the history it contains, but because it is composed of ingredients that facilitate the thinning process without losing its strength.

One of the great disadvantages faced by people who want to lose weight is that they feel tired and weak, so it is important to choose foods that allow you to lose weight and gain strength.

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To prepare this bread, you must first germinate the seeds, and for this you can do it in a homemade way. It’s simple and will only take a few days. Once you have the seeds germinated, you have only how to prepare esenio bread or germinated light bread.

Esenio bread recipe to lose weight without losing strength

One cup of germinated sprouts.
Sea salt to taste.
1 handful of chopped almonds or walnuts.
1 tablespoon soy sauce.
Oregano or basil.
1 garlic, finely chopped.
2 tablespoons olive oil.

Place all the ingredients in a processor and you will obtain a dough, to which you will give the form of bread.
Put the dough in a baking dish.
Previously, do not forget to light the oven and keep it at 70º C.
Place the dish in the oven and allow the bread to cook at the same temperature.
The cooking time is long, since the fire is minimum, so it can take up to 7 hours.
Esenio bread is light because it contains fiber, natural antioxidants such as B vitamins and vitamin E, in addition to other nutrients such as unsaturated fats, minerals and proteins.

On the other hand, esenio bread is easy to digest and slows the absorption of sugars, avoiding the increase of glucose, since its glycemic index is 35. Process that can benefit, even more, the weight loss. The suggested ration per day is 3 slices, 2 in the morning and the other distributed in the rest of the day.

Esenio bread is ideal for slimming, as it not only has a few less calories, as it does not contain flours, but it provides essential nutrients that allow you to increase the forces, which many times with the diet you can lose. Enjoy the virtues of esenio bread!

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