Carrot Light Pudding

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22020462-manojo-de-zanahorias-frescas-sobre-fondo-de-madera-de-la-vendimiaRecipe with carrot for oven

A salty pudding or carrot cake is a good way to incorporate something as good for your health as this vegetable, not to mention the light character that has to have every recipe to lose weight. To implement this recipe, you just have to try these steps and you will see how you usually adopt it to your usual menu.


Half a kilo of carrots
Two egg whites
Two cloves of garlic
Vegetable broth
A tablespoon of sesame or sesame seeds
One tablespoon of breadcrumbs
Salt, pepper and herbs

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Steam carrots with vegetable broth, so take that flavor. Once they are ready, you will only have to process them in a blender next to the garlic cloves. Season with salt, pepper and herbs you like. Now, finally, you will have to beat the whites to snow and incorporate them to the previous preparation with wraparound movements, soft.

Place the mixture in a baking dish, fill it to half, or three quarters of its capacity. Sprinkle over with the seeds and the breadcrumbs. Bring this pudding to a strong oven until it is cooked (to prove it, simply nail a knife and dry it out). Accompany with a salad and you will have a great dish, totally light.

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