Carrot light snack

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22020462-manojo-de-zanahorias-frescas-sobre-fondo-de-madera-de-la-vendimiaFresh, light and healthy

The sandwich is a habit so typical of any geography that even the diet should not conspire against it. Of course, it’s a matter of finding him around, as always. Adapting, eliminating ingredients that are not light and thus you can always enjoy a rich collation at work, at home, on a picnic or wherever. This proposal has the carrot as the main element, which looks great in a recipe like this. You just have to try.


Two thin slices of bread or a pita type pita bread
A small carrot
Three slices of tomato
Some slices of purple onion
One tablespoon of cheese spreadable white 0%
A spoonful of mustard
Green leaves to taste
Salt and pepper

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Toast the bread on both sides and attach it to the inside with a mixture that you will have made with cream cheese, mustard, salt and pepper. If you fancy some grass, you can also go without problems. Grate the carrot and place it on one side. On the other, it accommodates tomatoes, some onion rings and a mattress of green leaves. You can abuse them without fear, they do not contribute almost calories and yes much flavor.

So, you’ll have a delicious sandwich ready to eat when you want without having to worry about calories. With a little cheese, more like dressing than anything else, this sandwich takes the vegetables as the central axis. Something like a salad, but between two slices of bread. Not bad, is it?

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