Chard and chickpea salad dressing light

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4409062-Vegetable-sauceVegetable sauce and vegetables rich in fiber and low in calories

Dressings and sauces are very good allies to diet to lose weight, but they have to be light. To prepare these dressings can choose a vegetable like kale and a legume such as chickpeas. Do not miss this recipe rich in fiber and low in calories!

With vegetables such as chard and legumes such as chickpeas, you can prepare a light dressing or sauce, low in calories and high in fiber. This type of sauces are very useful to give a special flavor to certain preparations or foods. While the beans are ideal foods for their nutritional properties, chard is a vegetable low in calories and satiating you can consume in different ways.

Dressing recipe chard and chickpea light

3 bunches of chard.
A garlic clove.
3 tablespoons light hummus of chickpeas.
Sea salt.

Wash and steamed chard. Once processed, and reserve list.
Place the spinach in a bowl, add humus and minced garlic clove.
Mix all ingredients and season with sea salt to taste.
If the cream is very thick, you can add some light vegetable broth until desired consistency.
This chard and chickpea sauce is ideal to accompany other cooked like potatoes, carrots or beets vegetables. Although you can also use for browning meats such as turkey, chicken or fish.

Chard is a food that provides fiber, vitamins and minerals that help you detoxify the body and satisfy hunger. The same is true with chickpeas that provide similar nutrients. Without forgetting the garlic active ingredients it brings further enhancing the above mentioned properties.

In addition to this dressing you can take advantage of others such as light cucumber salad dressing, yogurt dressing, mustard and herbs or light mushroom sauce.

Dressings, dressings or sauces can be an excellent tricks to flavor foods, but without adding a lot of calories and fat. Just make sure that these dressings are really light, otherwise light will be adding calories to foods, such as vegetables, legumes and low-fat meats.

Remember that in addition to dressings or sauces, herbs are a very good option to give a special flavor to your diet.

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