Cold and light spinach soup

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15468473-spinach-soupSoup for summer and low calorie spinach

One of the best things to be doing in the summer diet is delicious cold soups encounter like this. This is a soup of spinach that goes wonderfully with this season and will be unbeatable for your system.

Summer is a time of year where things do not feel like eating much too hot. Imagine a pottage of lentils and chorizo ​​ahead … Surely you’re sweating just by thinking about it, even without having to walk removing accounts of their calories. But there are other very rich, healthy, low in calories and also cold dishes that you can implement during this time of year.

What do you think make a delicious cold soup spinach? This is more than simple preparation that will not require too much effort and incorporates many vegetables, so that even you can lose weight by the action of its properties. Namely, this recipe contain fiber, diuretics elements, cleansing capabilities and more. Simply follow the steps and emulate in your home.


A bunch of spinach
Half liter of vegetable stock
A medium onion
A garlic clove
vegetable spray
A drizzle of olive oil
Salt and pepper

Place in a pan to saute the chopped onion with garlic, equally. subsequently incorporated zucchini into cubes, cover with broth and cook until tender. Turn off the heat, season with a little salt and pepper, allowed to warm up a bit and add the spinach at that time. The idea is to soften slightly, not cooked. Processed food processor with the hand mixer or item you have. It leads to the refrigerator.

Once the soup is cold, you will no longer serve. It’ll look good green color and great taste, as will contrast between the vegetables were cooked, with the added flavor and rawness of spinach, with its flavor that feels green and healthy even on the palate. Do not forget to try this soup on those days where the heat will not let you light the kitchen fire.

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