Cold leek soup diet

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12381770-vista-superior-de-berro-en-un-recipiente-de-vidrioWatercress, a vegetable diuretic and cleanser to lose weight

Cold soups are one of the best things about summer. Or do not want to prepare a dish for which it is not necessary or light the fire? If you sign up within this group, do not hesitate to try this great watercress soup, which is also perfect for weight loss.

No way around it. Summer is a season where imposed by thrashing the eating light and preferably cold. This is a recipe for a soup, which I call soup but peacefully could call shake, if I had more fruit ingredients and did not put much emphasis on salty. is prepared all raw, so more natural, impossible. Anyway, it is a great choice for this time of year where if step helps you lose weight, what better then? Come, here’s the recipe for this great watercress soup.


A bunch of watercress
Two cups vegetable broth
A glass of unsweetened plain yogurt 0%
Juice of half a lemon
A garlic clove
A teaspoon of olive oil
Salt and pepper

The first, of course, be thoroughly washed watercress. If necessary also removes some of the stems. The best you can drain them and place them in the glass of a blender. There you will add the yogurt, chopped garlic, lemon juice, a splash just olive oil, salt and pepper. The next step Serpa processing the preparation until well fit properly smooth, homogeneous, without lumps. Thus, this cold soup and is almost ready to be taken.

Now the only thing missing will be lead to the refrigerator for a couple of hours to take good temperature. Revuélvela well before using, because you can probably have been deposited some sediment at the bottom of the dish or tureen. Lime content will not rust.

Did you know that watercress is great for weight loss?

Eating watercress regularly can reach reportarte excellent benefits for weight loss. It is that it is a vegetable diuretic, purifying and, last but not least satiating. In addition, 100 grams you eat from it, sumarás only 20 calories. For this reason, this soup, prepared as outlined in this article, you will be contributing a little less than 200 calories and very low level of fat (only contributed by the oil). Makes two servings relax.

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