Crepe light of strawberries and peaches

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48738727-crepesDelicious dessert with low calorie fruit

If you like crepes, you can not ignore this recipe completely light. It is delicious strawberry and peach crepes, you can prepare in minutes. And without compromising your diet.

The crepes or pancakes are perfect for dessert. But usually cooked in butter, they bring milk, egg and not talk about things with which they are usually filled. But, moreover, they must be one of the most easily adaptable to a diet desserts. For this reason, you should not let them overlook.

You can consider this option, which is about crepes prepared with egg white and strawberry yogurt. Then, filled with a delicious blend of peach and orange juice. The result is light, surprising and delicious. Are you going to stop trying?


A yogurt 0% Strawberry
An egg white
One teaspoon baking powder
Two or three tablespoons of wholemeal flour
fresh peaches
Orange juice
Sweetener suitable for cooking without calories to taste

In a bowl, or directly on the glass of a blender, place the yogurt 0%, egg, baking powder, a touch of sweetener and whole wheat flour. Blend until you have left a well homogeneous and smooth mixture. In a nonstick pan, previously heated and sprayed with vegetable spray, place the mixture begins crepes, well distributed over the surface to make it very finite. First I cook on one side, then the other. So until it is all the preparation list.

Now remains to be seen how will fill. Cut the peaches into cubes and put them to cook in a skillet. When they start and be more tender, add the orange juice (fresh squeezed) and let some kind of sauce or sweet forms. Nothing better than this to complete this recipe for crepes or pancakes, which are perfect for any dessert and you will like the whole family. Not to mention that are completely light and reduced fat.

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