Cuban chicken, low-carbohydrate diet and good for all

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10391593-pollo-asado-con-patatasA low carb recipe that anyone may like

Like eating chicken in the diet? Then do not miss this great Cuban chicken, completely low in carbohydrates and suitable for any diet, it is also high in calories or anything like that. Do not miss it!

If the chicken is one of your primary ingredients when nutrite protein in your diet, it is time to try this low carb version of the Cuban chicken. Are you going to miss this great version suitable for any regime? Because it is low in calories and perfect curdled also with those who do not take too much carbohydrate. A record it and try it, of course.

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A recipe with Caribbean air for your diet


A chicken breast 150g
Medium red pepper
Medium yellow pepper
Half an onion
Garlic, coriander, cumin and spicy paprika
Soy sauce, olive oil, orange juice and a drizzle of honey
Salt and pepper

Cut the chicken breast skinless and boneless strips. Place in a bowl. There add cumin, minced garlic, cilantro idem and paprika or cayenne pepper. Rub the chicken well with the spices.
Now it’s time to add the liquid part of the preparation: soy sauce, orange juice, honey and olive oil. Mix well and marinate the chicken for at least two hours.
While in the oven bag into strips peppers and onions in a hot frying pan begins to prepare chicken. Gradually incorporating the marinade and when everything is ready, serves chicken, sauce and roasted vegetables.
Corrects salt and pepper. Serve with mashed avocado half and you have a delicious low carb recipe that will leave you fully satisfied.
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Of course, let alone eat a fried banana or rice and beans. But you can prepare a raw grated cauliflower, which is a texture similar to rice. Or just boiled and then seasoned. It will not be the same, but is an excellent substitute that will not add carbohydrates and is fully healthy for your usual regimen.

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