Cucumber soup, avocado and garlic to lose weight

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48469545-fresh-carrot-soup-in-white-bowl-dietary-vegetable-soup-rustic-styleDiuretic and antioxidant soup

While there are a variety of soups, this time I will present a recipe for a diuretic and antioxidant soup, cucumber soup, avocado and garlic to lose weight.

Soups are an almost indispensable tool for you to make a diet to lose weight effectively. The soups will provide satiety and is also the vehicle for you to get the properties of food within them.

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While you should already know the cold cucumber soup, this note will find a different version of that recipe. This soup will prepare based on the cucumber, central plant, and accompany with garlic (vegetable diet with large properties) and avocado (other vegetable very rich in antioxidants and fatty acids good quality).

Soup recipe cucumber, avocado and garlic to lose weight


300 gr. cucumber.
300 gr. avocado.
2 cloves garlic or 1 tablespoon garlic powder.
100 gr. of onion.
Chopped parsley, a sprig.
6 mint leaves.
250 cc of skim milk.
2 tablespoons olive oil.
Salt and pepper to taste.

First, you must peel and remove seeds cucumber.
After that, cut the cucumber into cubes, place them along with avocado, diced, milk and a little water in a food processor.
Blend until creamy, and reserve.
Chop the onion and rehógala in olive oil. When the onion is golden, add the cream cucumbers.
Put it in a pot over high heat until boiling. At that time, you will incorporate garlic (if you want you can add the whole garlic, thus get all its properties, but you produce upset stomach), chopped parsley and mint.
Simmer until vegetables are tender. At this point you can do two things, or let the soup stand, the schools and the shots or you can prepare a (slightly thick) and agregársela light white sauce to the soup.
In this way you get a similar cream soup without cream soup and fewer calories. Finally, season with salt and pepper to taste.
This soup is an antioxidant, it contains vitamins, minerals and other organic substances that enhance cellular activity, which is beneficial for weight loss. Moreover is diuretic, because the cucumber has that property, which transfers it to the soup.

This soup, being light can consume before lunch or dinner or a snack. I hope you liked it!

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