Egyptian eggplant low in calories

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A light and tasty oriental dish

You want to eat a dish that is rich, exotic and low in calories? These eggplants Egyptian comply with all conditions set. Will you try to stop? They are easy to prepare and really delicious.

Often we do not know well what you will eat and that’s what ends up leading you to take the first thing you find that almost always ends up being something not exactly light. You can do that or try to find diverse, rich in aromas, flavors, textures, colors and also are healthy meals. How are you Egyptian eggplant, for example.

This dish allows you to gather all the nutrients and flavors, clearly inspired by the oriental tradition. They allow you to feed yourself healthy, low-calorie diet without putting you at risk. Is it a curry? Something like that. But you’d better prepare yourself and try it so you can see how rich he is.

Data from the recipe:

Calories per serving: 250 calories
Number of Servings: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 25-30 minutes

an aubergine
An onion
A tomato
A hot pepper (jalapeno, chili, etc.)
A garlic clove
One tablespoon minced ginger
Cumin, curry and coriander
Two tablespoons of plain yogurt 0%
A drizzle of olive oil
Salt and cilantro or parsley

Cut the onion pen, tomato strips and similarly eggplant (with skin). Mince garlic, ginger and hot pepper.
In a skillet or wok very hot, put to cook the eggplant with onion, adding just a splash of olive oil.
Once the vegetables are tender and more, add the tomatoes, garlic, ginger and seasonings: curry, cumin and coriander. If you want a splash of broth for sauce forms nor go wrong.
Once the vegetables are at their best, you have no more to turn off the heat, add spoonfuls of yogurt, season with salt and finish the dish with a good helping of chopped parsley.
Now serve and enjoy this dish with clear inspiration from North Africa or the Middle East region. An exotic and light delight!

What do you get this recipe?

Satiety and fiber eggplant. This fruit helps you lose weight because it’s filling up low-calorie, diuretic and will charge fiber, which is always good too for bowel movements.
Lots of color and variety of nutrients in the same dish. Tomatoes, eggplant, spices, peppers … Variety of nutrients, colors, flavors, textures and more. Thanks to these recipes is that you can go on a diet without getting bored of what you’re eating.
No animal fat in this meal. The only ingredient of animal origin is is yogurt and is 0%. Therefore, all fats are healthy. There is also no unhealthy cooking, so these eggplants can be eaten without problems.

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