Foods rich in fiber for weight loss

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Foods rich in fiber are very important in any weight loss diet. If you need to lose weight, one of the first steps you should take is to consume foods that contain fiber. In addition to helping you lose weight, help you to treat different diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, constipation and atherosclerosis, among others.

Natural supplements with high fiber intake
Having a good amount of fiber in the daily diet is considered absolutely key according to some sources, taking this nutritional tool (both in soluble and insoluble version) as an interesting way to absorb fats and eliminate them. For this reason, do not let you continue reading this article to find out more about it.

Because satiety, fiber removes hunger and controls anxiety that comes in slimming treatments.

300x250Increases intestinal transit, because it has the ability to absorb water.
It helps “sweep” the harmful substances for your body, such as toxins, excess fat, thus preventing the formation of atheroma in our arteries.
It helps lower blood sugar, very important in the diets for diabetics.
Groups of high-fiber foods for weight loss are:

Vegetables in general. Leafy vegetables, have a lot of fiber (spinach, broccoli, turnip, collard, turnip greens, lettuce, etc.), like carrots, asparagus, tomato, cabbage, eggplant, squash, beans, potatoes, etc.
Fruits: All in general. Most of the fiber and vitamins are found in the shell, so it is very important to eat whole, fresh.
Cereals: rice, flour, pasta. All integral, ie unrefined. Thus not only you have more fiber, but also more vitamins and minerals.
Want to know how you can get the fiber you need each day? This tool calculates how much you need to eat each meal to meet your daily fiber requirements.

Fiber levels in food

We know that adequate intake of dietary fiber brings many health benefits. The diet rich in fiber is indicated in diets for weight loss, lowering cholesterol, in cases of constipation, hemorrhoids or anal fissures and in cancer patients (cancer) because this latter power when dragging oxygen free radicals and reduce and oxidative stress in the body.

These benefits make the fiber is an element of the diet greatly appreciated, but there are serious doubts on the part of patients on high-fiber foods.

This situation may be because the general recommendations cite usually limited to groups of foods rich in fiber (fruits, vegetables and whole grains) and just a few examples of each group in very different fiber contents are cited, which can lead misleading.

In these lists you can see what foods you should prioritize if you need to add fiber to your diet and do not want to stay in typical vegetables and fruits that are always recommended.


High in fiber

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
Orange and lemon
Lower fiber content


High in fiber

Brussel sprouts
Green pepper
Lower fiber content

Lettuce and endive
Zucchini and squash
Green beans
Cereals and other foods

High in fiber

Rice and wheat pasta
Flour and grains
Wholemeal bread
Tubers (potatoes)
Dried fruits
Low fiber content

White rice and pasta
Refined flour
White bread
Without fiber

Eggs, meat and fish
Sugar and juice
Keep in mind that I as always, too much is not recommended. Too much fiber can cause deficiency diseases especially related primarily to calcium and iron, digestive diseases, etc.

Fiber Properties slimming

There is much talk about the importance of fiber on health. Therefore, it is advisable to increase the consumption of fiber-rich foods to prevent metabolic diseases, including diet. So you can take advantage of fiber diet, be interesting to know how fiber helps weight loss and what properties it has are.

Fiber is an organic substance present in plants and plant foods, which has become increasingly important in healthy eating.

Even consumption is recommended in weight loss diets. Why? Because it has properties that promote weight loss. Before I tell you what these benefits, it is important to know that there are different types of fiber: partially fermentable fiber and fermentable fiber.

How does fiber diet?

The fermentable fiber, such as inulin, mucilages, pectins and certain oligosaccharides, have a prebiotic effect maintaining the health of the intestinal flora. The normal functioning of the intestine, promotes not only the proper absorption of nutrients, but also serves to purify the body and remove substances that can impair the normal functioning of the body. This is one of the benefits of fiber slimming.
Moreover, the mucilage and pectins act not only in the intestine, but also to stomach level, as volume increases stimulating and promoting satiety center also traps fats and sugars in food, preventing its absorption and eliminating of the body.
As for the partially fermented fiber (hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin) serves to sweep all waste body does not need.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, it is important to consume about 14 grams of fiber / 1000 calories / day. The relationship between the consumption of both types of fiber should be 3/1.

Moreover, keep in mind that if you’re not used to eating foods rich in fiber, it is important that you incorporate into your diet slowly and gradually to avoid side effects this may present.

Do not forget that the harmonious and balanced diets, but low in calories are the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy.

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Example of fiber diet

Breakfast: Glass of milk toast + jam + integral with Kiwi
Mid-morning: yogurt bowl with cereal and a banana and chopped strawberries
Food: Lentils to the east + egg with spinach and bechamel + digestive Infusion
Snack: Rusks bread with turkey + Natural juice
Dinner: Artichokes with ham + chicken breast with ratatouille + Yogurt
An increase in fiber in the diet should be accompanied by adequate intake of water (2 liters a day) to avoid possible intestinal obstruction.

Natural supplements with high fiber intake

To delve more specifically to the question, whether in addition to attempting to consume foods with fiber you want to strengthen your diet with natural supplements, seeds, cereals and legumes they are ideal. These are the ones that work best.

Flaxseed or flaxseed. Undoubtedly, one of the foods with higher fiber content in the world. The best way to take it is activating previously. For this, you just have to grind some seeds and let them soak 20-30 minutes before eating. Then mix it with yogurt, juice, smoothie or whatever you like.

Chia seeds. Similar case. On works the best. Release their mucilage and gives you both soluble and insoluble fiber. In addition, it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, ideal for improving your health in all aspects.
Wheat bran. Perhaps the saved are foods that have more fiber within the table of foods rich in this substance. You can use it to coat some preparation and also to mix in yogurt, other cereals or to add some juice. To give you an idea almost half of its composition is fiber.

Soybeans. Beans or soybeans are perfect for incorporating fiber. While the content is not as noticeable as in other foods, it is clear that the presentations can be found at all and you can use very easily.

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