Foods that lower metabolism

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12925081-gourmet-hamburguesa-con-queso-y-jarra-de-cerveza-en-el-fondoDo not forget to avoid these harmful foods for your diet

Did you know that there are many foods that work against the metabolism? Find out what are some of them to avoid them altogether and so, you’ll lose weight more easily.

Metabolism is a process that uses energy provided by the food. Its operation depends on what you consume daily. You can suffer from slow metabolism and also have a more intense metabolic rate.

If you suffer from slow metabolism, this means that fat burning takes less time and this prevents adelgaces. An extreme case is the hipotirodismo slow metabolism, but can also be caused by various allergies or intolerances to certain foods.

However, slow metabolism is usually a result of poor food choices, combined with incorrect intake. Ie avoid eating during the day and eat all together at night, eating fast, stress, do recomendadadas several meals a day, no physical activity, among others. All these causes are modifiable and feel much better by changing habits and get some speed up metabolism.

What are the foods that lower metabolism?

Food with pesticides

While they are not a food itself, pesticides are in almost everything you eat fruits, vegetables, even meat. A recent study by Canadian scientists showed that there is a direct relationship between them and the difficulty in losing weight because of the toxins that foods contain pesticides. If you want to choose other more natural foods and these chemicals you can choose to buy organic or local producers to create your own garden products.

Junk food

Fast food or junk should not be part of any diet, your name says it all. The reasons why you should avoid is the content in simple carbohydrates such as refined white flour and corn syrup, high fructose, trans or saturated fats, sugar and artificial colorings and adtivos. All these ingredients have a negative impact on your whole body, especially the metabolism. Choose to make your hamburgers and candy at home, with quality ingredients, organic, whole and not refined to give a healthy taste occasionally.


While they are delicious and also a quick option at the time of cooking, usually noodles and other pastas are made with refined white flour. Needless to completely eliminate it from your diet, you can change some habits that will fit, and choose pastas, reduce the portion to 50 percent than usual, among other tips.

Carbonated drinks

Besides having many empty calories, high in sugar and corn syrup, high fructose, some carbonated drinks also have caffeine. All this can make them addictive for those who consume, collaborating with weight gain and slowing metabolism. The best choice is water, first. You can accompany it with a little lemon and mint if you find it boring or opt for juices and teas ideal for weight loss.


Although calcium plays an important role in regulating the metabolism, processes that take place in industrialized milk, especially pasteurized process kills many of the nutrients contained in milk. Plus the addition of vitamins and minerals to be performed in laboratories for the product has any nutritional value. One option is to consume organic milk or delete complentamente diet, also to avoid antibiotics and hormones that also contains. There are several alternatives to cow’s milk, such as vegetable milks made of healthy seeds and nuts.

Fortunately, just as there are foods that slow down the body, there are also others who speed. In this video you can see what foods when you eat, your metabolism is accelerated.

In what way can I tell if my metabolism is slow?

To know exactly if you suffer from slow metabolism, you should get a blood test, which assesses hormonal dosages, such as TSH, T3 and T4, insulin, glucagon, in addition to triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose, etc. The results of this analysis can help the doctor determine whether there is reason to believe in a slow metabolism.

There are also situations in which a small amount of food per day, either by the low volume consumed, such as the habit of skipping meals ingested. In such cases, the body can enter a state of adaptive hyperphagia, whereby when receiving food, metabolism slows down in order to store reserves for times where no or insufficient intake.

For this reason, it is necessary that you make 6 meals daily (four main meals and two snacks) that allow the body to metabolize nutrients you’ll be getting.


To control or reverse this situation it is necessary:

Seek medical advice for you to have an analytical control blood.
Performing a low-calorie diet consisting of 6 meals, which must be respected in both schedules, and quantity and quality of food.
Practicing regular physical activity.

Do not forget to avoid these foods as harmful to your diet!

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