Grain pasta salad for all types of diet

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9069242-tubos-de-pasta-de-trigo-integral-y-tomate-rojoLike eating pasta but know it is not at all recommended for your diet?

Well, do not be afraid to try this delicious salad, which includes a limited extent and opts for a comprehensive alternative. Very rich and healthy.

Carbohydrates are increasingly being rejected by certain dietary environments. But if you incorporate in small amount and you resort precisely those who are not refined (ie, whole) should not have to generarte a problem. That is why you can enjoy this delicious salad of wheat pasta where you’ll protein and nutrients of all kinds as well. Scrumptious and perfect for hot weather!


50 grams of whole short pasta
A tomato
Five or six tablespoons of cooked chickpeas
A bunch of basil
Five black olives
Five or six almonds
Half avocado
A clove of garlic
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper

Begin boiling the pasta in salted water until it is ready. Choose one that is comprehensive, of course, and also cuts. Propellers, mostacholes, macaroni … Any of these will be well.
Put the pasta in cold water for cooking and place cut in a salad bowl. Add diced tomatoes, cooked chickpeas, chopped basil, olives and almonds idem, diced avocado and garlic machacadísimo. Season with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Salad and mix well and have completely ready to enjoy. A super summer recipe, very complete and perfectly suited to your diet.

In this recipe you will really have everything. Healthy and essential fats for your body, such as those that provide nuts, olive oil or avocado. A little refined carbohydrates pasta, vegetables always bring your thing, proteins … In final accounts, a recipe which lacks nothing, that will leave you satisfied, you satisfy the desire to eat some pasta but in a completely different context. Just try it and see how you find …

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