Hailed apple and green tea

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10323384-green-teaA light and refreshing recipe

Green tea is one of the best drinks to lose weight and apple, a fruit most suitable on a diet. And if you both ingredients together in a refreshing granita?

Desserts, sweets, “good things” in general become rather limited on a diet to lose weight. For this reason, it is always adjusting recipes to go to at least take something that is light, but quite palatable.

Hand spring, the temperature begins to rise and ice cream, sorbets and granitas can become a constant. Precisely with this last option we’ll stay. Low-calorie, super fresh and refreshing, with lots of ice and with good properties for weight loss. You can try this granita with apple and green tea, a gourmet and light touch where you look. Do not let to try it.

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Two large green apples
A cup of green tea made ice
A branch of mint or fresh mint
A few drops of lemon juice
A piece of ginger root
Sweetener allowed to taste

First, you must prepare green tea and place it into molds for ice cubes. Take them to the freezer and, when ready, muélelos roughly. Place the well clean cubed apples with their skin, in the glass of a mixer. Add a little lemon juice, a sprig of mint, a little lemon juice and a piece of ginger root. All the preparation process until you stay a homogeneous batter. If you cost a lot, add a little water; not much, and then go with the green tea ice ground.

Now, you have no more than sweeten the apple smoothie. Now missing the next and final step: mixing the crushed ice green tea with apple prepared and serve in a large glass. If you want, you can add a sprig of mint for garnish extra glass and you’ll have a sensational, perfect for preparing large quantities (by multiplying the proportions) and serve in pitcher on hot afternoons slush.

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