How is suffering from hypothyroidism, testimony of Silvia Chivi

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43094742-concepto-de-fondo-wordcloud-ilustraci-n-de-hipotiroidismoA disease patient tells you everything from first person

Are you suffering from hypothyroidism? Do you have doubts? Want to know more of the problem? Then it’s time you read this interview with Silvia Chivi, head of blog Anda! I have hypothyroidism and a person who is very familiar with this issue firsthand.

Hypothyroidism is one of most problems related to weight gain. Are many, many people fattening because of such disadvantages. It is that this gland ends significantly affecting the metabolic system and the burning of fat, among other things, it becomes much more complicated.

Anyway, it is very defeatist and inaccurate to think that with this problem can not fight. That’s why we talked with Silvia, responsible for Anda! I have hypothyroidism:, a blog / journal, where it connects and where recounts his problems but also possible solutions to combat and overcome this problem in the best way possible. And if you read the interview to get to know this?

Symptoms of hypothyroidism: realized how Silvia

Ante all, how did you found out you had hypothyroidism?

‘It was not easy to diagnose the disease, although it is done with a simple blood test. What happened is that as they said it was depression thought it was the same and the doctors did to me in which I happened to me something more than a depression, although work Paramedic and I commented my symptoms.

Initially it seemed “depressed” and began to put on weight much for how well I ate, plus lots of symptoms: I had extreme fatigue, exhaustion, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, dry hair, bloating, loss of unexplained and dense. It changed my voice, turned me more serious, he was with low voltage, I found it hard to think and concentrate. Lucia with the puffy face and edema, no sweat, my legs had continuous hard edema fluid retention.

The worst thing is that here everything was over, suffering memory lapses, drowsiness and insomnia, irregular periods, it was hard to lose weight, lost appetite, had constipation, feeling cold arms and feet purple nails cold and all my body was an edema or swelling. It was hard to study or perform intellectually and had no strength to move a muscle, something that is not repaired sleeping.

So I found that depression was another thyroid symptoms. It’s something I discovered later that hypothyroidism is responsible for all cellular oxidative processes almost the entire body, all organs and tissues and that when something goes wrong in the gland body works by priorities.

One day, I started to feel a bit average cold, fatter than ever and I began to feel very tired and fall asleep while standing up. My weakness became unable to move and do not have real strength to move. And I got to brush a myxedema coma. That’s when doctors ignored me and saw that I had a severe case of myxedema.

Usually the symptoms listed above and if you simply hypothyroidism is suspected, an analysis is made and is diagnosed. markers such as TSH, T4, T3 are measured. But in my case, as I was depressed, I ignored him and got the most severe case of hypothyroidism, which has a high risk to life. I thank the doctors who ignored me, because thanks to them, I strive to find more resources.

I suddenly found myself in an ICU than I thought it could not get. When I register my doctor header, despite the medical papers he repeated blood test and used to ask antithyroid antibodies. After waiting, the analysis tested positive for hypothyroidism (with exorbitant levels) and also tested positive Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks the thyroid itself and produce physiological damage to the gland itself. This degenerates into hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone deficiciencia), along with a continuous struggle of your body that attacks the gland that is responsible for many body functions.

How is living with a hypothyroidism treatment

And how you react to this?

My reaction to know about my diagnosis and disease, must say it was very overwhelming. Especially because when the body can not think, you’re depressed, you get fat and deformed to the face, you can not move, there really is strength to move. Strip you, more attached to the rest of the symptoms that I did not recognize in the mirror, I feel defeated, because they said it was chronic and had no cure.

My feelings were full of sadness and helplessness. After a year after diagnose me as I were still regulating the thyroid pill, I decided to do more. I felt more strength, although he was not yet regulated.

How was developing your problem?

‘I’ve suffered long undiagnosed and turned chronic, finishing the edge of a coma. My disease remained aplomante for two years, until the tablet be regulated. Just wait a month between doses and another rise up and is very tiring for the hypothyroid patient step, because still exhausted and can not pull himself.

Also the people around do not help and judge you for being sick or your condition and that leaves its mark on our self-confidence and self-esteem. Until they find the dose of levothyroxine (thyroid hormone) it is a more grueling process that is frustrating. When I felt more vitality, but was not regulated yet, I started looking for other methods and resources. A move to find health, improve and even contemplate heal …

It took another year to adjust. In all, three years, an entire ordeal for me. Meanwhile, I was doing very gentle sport, eating well and reorganizing my new life, pulling me. “Pull me” it is a phrase that many hypothyroid know, because I have lived and live. Also, I kept looking, reading, my education and changing life and eating habits, with a strong determination to heal. And I’m still in the process in reaching the health or healing.

Be sure to stay tuned next week to read the second part of this interview with Silvia, hypothyroidism patient, editor of a blog that talks about the subject and also a person who has managed to stabilize the problem and feel much better.

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