How to avoid binge eating?

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Number of daily meals diet to lose weight

Many people who are overweight or obese suffer, in turn, binge. If this is happening I invite you to know how to avoid them and how much meals must be on a diet to lose weight.

There are many causes that relate overweight binge, one of which is related to the amount of food you consume during the day. If you spend many hours without eating metabolism slows, but hunger increases, causing binges.

When binges occur after many hours without eating the body adapts to the situation and a process known as “adaptive hyperphagia” occurs. The body reduces the metabolism and instead of losing but you increase it.

40300796-cerca-foto-de-hombre-comiendo-hamburguesa-y-papas-fritasTo avoid this kind of binge eating, you need to know how many meals are suggested in a diet to lose weight.

How many meals a day is suggested in a diet to lose weight?

It is suggested to consume 4-6 meals a day. It is ideal to 6 meals a day. Breakfast, break, lunch or lunch, tea, afternoon, dinner.

It is proven that if you eat every 3 to 4 hours, increases metabolism and lose weight as fat faster.
In addition to this cause, there are other such as the relationship between depression-binge-weight gain. Studies have concluded that 80% of people who suffer from binge for food suffer from some degree of depression.

In the research conducted it is known that both depression and binge eating involve alterations in neurotransmitters. Some binges are a way to regulate emotions. Serotonin in normal amounts is closely related to emotional satisfaction and feeling full after every meal.

Therefore, if serotonin levels down this manifest binging and generating increasing depression. That is, those who suffer from depression are more likely to suffer from binge for food.

Binge brings relief to anxiety as it releases high levels of endorphins. But this relief is short, causing an addictive cycle because you feel that the food is the only thing that can fill the emotional void.

Now that you know the most important causes, sure you’re wondering how to avoid them.

How to avoid binge eating?

Binge by fasting. If the suffer binge by fasting for many hours, the solution is to eat healthy foods more often in a low-calorie diet specially designed for you.
Binge for depression. In the second case, the intervention of medical specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists and nutritionists is needed. In this case, you need to consume special medications that are able to reduce the symptoms of depression and / or anxiety, which in turn will help control binge eating.
Those who suffer from binge feel a lot of guilt and frustration, but it’s good to understand what happens to achieve the most effective solution. If you suffer from binge for food, see your doctor.

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