How to Lower Your Tummy with Anise Tea

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61570257-an-s-caf-y-canelaAn infusion of anise to the day helps you lose belly

The belly is one of the points that most accuses the effects of your food transgressions. Not only is it the preferred location for the deposit of fats, but it also constitutes the obligatory seat of gas and flatulence. Hence knowing how to lower your belly with an infusion of anise to day, can help you lose forever, this annoying point of your anatomy.

Anise tea is one of the most required aromatic infusions when lowering the belly is treated. The properties of anise for flatulence add to its digestive and sedative effects, ideal for slimming.

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The consumption of an infusion of anise to day, will bring you these benefits to free your belly of gas, indigestiones and spasms.

Anise tea to lower the belly:

250 cm³ of water
2 teaspoons of anise seeds
Place the aniseed seeds in a bowl with water and bring to the fire.
Bring to boil for about 3 to 4 minutes.
Remove from the flame and let stand a few minutes before drinking.
It is convenient that you consume it warm, neither very cold, nor very hot and slowly, to small sips, to avoid the aerophagia.

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