How to model the body in 14 days

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22553197-terapeuta-haciendo-masaje-contra-la-celulitis-para-mejorar-la-condici-n-de-la-pielModel the body in 2 weeks

If after the summer you need to change your figure, you can carry out a program to model the body in just 14 days. The best way to achieve this is to carry out a comprehensive plan, in which you can model your body in a healthy way in just two weeks. Even this program can help you not to regain weight. If you are interested just know how to do it.

If you want to model your body or your figure, it is necessary that you carry out a comprehensive treatment that consists of a special diet and physical exercises that allow you to lose weight, reduce cellulite and give firmness to your figure.

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If you follow the directions, in just 2 weeks you can begin to see the results.

How to model the body in 14 days?

During the first 7 days it is important that you carry out a purifying diet, which will allow you to eliminate toxins and residues that can harm you in the process of weight loss. To do this, you must include smoothies, infusions, and / or natural nutritional supplements; Which will help you lose fat.
Along with this diet you must perform physical activity according to your needs and tastes. By moving your body, metabolic expenditure increases, sagging is reduced and lean mass increases at the expense of fat tissue. It is important that alternating aerobic exercises with localized exercises, so that you lose fat and tonify your muscles.
In addition to diet and physical activity, using creams will help reduce cellulite and stretch marks.
Once the first week has passed, you can continue with this plan to model your figure, but changing the depurative diet for a balanced diet, to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs, but with a low caloric content.

If you implement this comprehensive plan, in the course of 2 weeks you will lose weight and sizes. The important thing is to be consistent and perseverant in the face of diet, exercise and the use of creams. If you manage to spend these 14 days, you will see that this routine will be part of your life, which is important as it will prevent you regaining the weight you lost.

Keep in mind that, always the doctor’s control is necessary, since he is the person to supervise the progress of the treatment that allows you to model your body.

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