I want to lose 5 kilos urgent

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dietsHow to lose weight fast without losing energy?

When you need to lose a few kilos more quickly, but without losing energy is important that you consider a number of tips, tricks, diet and exercise will help you lose those 5 kilos as fast as possible.

If you want to know how to lose weight without losing energy, you need a comprehensive treatment healthy, but that allows you to lose weight.

This comprehensive treatment should consist of a diet that includes foods, specialty drinks such as smoothies and teas, physical activity and special suggestions.

Comprehensive treatment to lose weight without losing energy

Diet: The diet should be balanced, but low in calories. This diet should include foods rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates that give you energy carbon that can help you lose weight. It must also contain protein to keep muscle mass and fatty acids good quality. It is also important that you consider some foods that can help you build muscle and lose fat. Within this diet you can include tonics and rich in protein shakes as well as tea to help you burn fat faster. You can even include some dietary supplements to your diet, such as:
soy lecithin
beer yeast
dried seaweed
Suggestions: Among the suggestions that you can consider, you can count on tricks to prepare traditional recipes in light or suggestions that allow you to cook healthier by reducing fat, sugar and calories to your comidas.kilos recipes
Physical activity: Physical activity should be complementary to include aerobic physical activity and physical activity localized. You must work in series of repetitions, so you can work different muscle groups without causing fatigue.
If you consider these three pillars, you can not only perform a comprehensive treatment but it is effective to be able to lose 5 kilos more quickly.

Keep in mind that these are suggestions are general and each person needs a special diet, special exercise routine comprehensive treatment and also especially to avoid any adverse side effects.

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