Is it OK to eat eggs on a diet to lose weight?

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2816301-un-huevo-hervido-duro-rebanado-en-dos-listos-ser-comidoA less damaging food than you thought

The egg is a versatile natural food, which is used in various dishes, and both breakfast and dinner and lunch. However, for various reasons, it is also a food that is avoided in diets such as vegan and suitable for lowering cholesterol. But what happens in weight loss diets?

The egg is full of nutrients, but also is challenged by its cholesterol content and its possible influence on cardiovascular disease. On the other hand it’s cheap, you can get in any market and provides fat (saturated, monounsaturated and poinnsaturadas), proteins and vitamins.

As the cardiovascular risk, several studies have been done have reached conflicting results on the one hand some have shown no effect on blood cholesterol in most people, while others show the opposite. Another important point is how it affects egg consumption in the short and long term.

Eating egg, not as bad as you thoughtSome studies show that short term consumption of eggs is broadly positive for health, while others, like “diets, cholesterol and egg yolks: not suitable for patients at risk of vascular disease”, an opinion survey and review, made in 2010 warning about the risks of long-term eating eggs.

While many studies, with several, mainly epidemiological there are some problems: not isolate the effect and the possible influence of food, ie, increased cardiovascular risk could be by the egg or any other food, either butter , bacon, or any other factor.

But there is a study that stands out among all, with an improved method and separation of different foods and their influence, made in 1999. It’s called “Prospective Egg Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Men and Women” and was a massive 120,000 people participated, who were followed them for 14 years. The results demonstrated no increased cardiovascular risk among those who ate more eggs a day, although in diabetics.

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Now that you know that the egg is not as bad as they say, as long as you consume in moderation, it’s time to know whether or not is recommended for inclusion in diets to lose weight.
According to the Latin American Institute of the egg, it is recommended for weight loss diets food because it produces satiety and helps you control what you eat. At the same time it provides your body with nutrients and vitamins needed while their proteins relieve the feeling of emptiness in the stomach.

But not any eggs and cooking method are the same. First, it is important to know the origin thereof, is not just an industrial egg production, and sick animals that feed on dubious products, ecological, chicken with a natural and healthy food. It is advisable to consume eggs with orange yolks, avoid yellow and dull, have less flavor and fewer nutrients.

Also, you should cook to aid digestion, clearly as hard as possible, and with the egg, avoid consuming sewing medium, as in fried or boiled egg. In case of consuming fried as an allowed, use olive oil and yolk prepares as hard as possible.

In conclusion, eggs are an inexpensive option, easily accessible, with health benefits and few risks for it. However, it is not advisable to eat eggs all day, and neither is any food with that intensity. Studies show that eating an egg a day does not run any risk.

A varied diet, avoid a sedentary lifestyle, a life with less stress level possible, avoid alcohol, snuff and refined are the tips for a diet to lose weight that works long term. You can change your lifestyle without the need to eliminate your favorite foods, you may need to reduce your intake or do some changes when it comes to cooking, but a delicious and healthy diet is possible.

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