Lettuce tacos, a phenomenal recipe light

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Interesting low carb option to eat some delicious tacos

No doubt the tacos is a food you like a lot of people. But, unfortunately, they are often not suitable for diet. Or tortillas, or their fillings. But here you will learn to prepare some great alternatives with lettuce. Do not miss them!

Are you a fan all the blocks but you find that are not appropriate for your diet? Well, you should not despair. There are always great choices to implement in this situation. If there is something you must learn it is that every one must look back to the light and food is no exception.

Or those fried stuffed full of fat and other harmful elements, or the full carbohydrate tortillas are good choices for your diet. For this reason, we will try a low-calorie option and carbohydrates, perfect for any kind of regimes. Always, the key element will be the lettuce, a very good vegetable to the diet. Yes, just like it sounds. Do not miss these choices!

descarga (2)Option chicken / turkey: Grind well the breast meat turkey or chicken fat. Cuécela with a few drops of olive oil in a pan, adding salt, pepper, lemon juice, parsley, sage and seasonings you want to add. Pica a piece of tomato and some green part of scallions. It incorporates the end, when the meat is already cooked. It takes two good and generous lettuce leaves, place the stuffing in there, close the plug and enjoy.

Beef option: Proceed the same way as with turkey, finely chopping a piece of lean meat. Cooked in a pan with a few drops of olive oil, adding salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and a little spicy minced chile. At the end you can also add tomato and raw onion very finely chopped. Lettuce wraps your tacos and enjoy without guilt.
Vegetarian option: Take some cooked chickpeas and place in a pan with a trickle of oil, which will add chopped peppers, onion idem, paprika, salt and parsley or cilantro much. Serve on lettuce leaves, as in the previous cases. You can replace the chickpeas lentils, textured soy or tofu into cubes.

All these options are great to take at any time of day, either as food or as a dinner. For this ultimately going particularly well. Why? Because they are low-carb options, ideal for not accumulate overnight and do not be how to burn. It’s a matter of you will be excited and try one of these options!

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