Light chicken breast with onion sauce

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40858098-filetes-de-pechuga-de-pollo-sin-procesar-en-el-fondo-de-maderaA tasty low calorie recipe with chicken

Eating chicken can always be a good option for when you want to lose weight because it is low in calories and allows many variations. Try this simple chicken breast with onion sauce.

Chicken, as usual, is one of the best steaks you have available when making a diet. Provides protein, it is low in fat, low calorie count and can be cooked in many different ways. Hence, the nutritional equation, always gives favorable.

If you want to eat chicken with a light but tasty sauce, which does not add a lot of calories, but a lot of flavor, you just have to try this recipe. This is a chicken with onion sauce, light and can fully enjoy without any problems. To enjoy a rich breast.


A chicken breast fillet of 150 grams
A large onion
Half a cup of vegetable broth
A teaspoon of cornstarch
vegetable spray
pepper and chopped parsley salt,

You can choose in this recipe for chicken cut into cubes or use as breast fillet. Anyway, puts brown in a skillet with vegetable spray. When almost cooked, remove the chicken and, on that same background cooking, cook finely chopped onion until browned. Then add the broth and bring to a boil.

Rejoins the chicken, season with salt and pepper and add the cornstarch, if necessary, to thicken the sauce slightly. Then let it finish cooking all and serve. You can crush the sauce in a blender if you wish to stay more uniform. Do not forget to finish the dish with a good serving of chopped parsley.

So you will have a fairly low-calorie dish that can accompany easily with a salad, some brown rice or some steamed vegetables. It is complete and will bring you many nutrients. It is always a good choice in diet to lose weight and you will surely like to try.

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