Light chicken with green sauce

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21201855-chickenA good recipe with fresh and tasty chicken

Without doubt, the chicken can become one of the header elements in the diet of anyone who wants to lose weight. Recipes abound and it’s time you give a chance to this light chicken with green sauce, perfect for those who want a tasty and well light recipe.

The chicken is always an interesting alternative for a diet of any kind. Obviously, not a chicken skin, fried and with a strong sauce. But if you use breast, you take away the fat, you cook it properly and you accompany a healthy salsa, need not not help you in your difficult mission to lose weight.

Pay attention to this recipe: grilled some steaks breast, golden brown, just right. On the other hand, a green sauce made raw, with parsley, pepper and other vegetables that fill the meat flavor. Simply follow the recipe and try it in your home as soon as possible. And without fear, because it is completely light.


150 grams of chicken breast fillets without skin or fat
Half cup parsley
Medium green pepper
A garlic clove
A tablespoon drained capers well (can change from green olives)
A tablespoon of lemon juice
Half tablespoon of olive oil
Two or three tablespoons water
Salt and pepper

Put to heat a griddle or skillet over high heat and cook there on both sides of chicken breast fillets, skinless or no fat. Meanwhile, you can start preparing the sauce. Place parsley (if you want and you like a bit of cilantro will not be too bad), garlic, cut pepper, capers, lemon juice, oil and water, all within the glass of a blender. Process until the ingredients are completely mixed together, staying well-green and smooth sauce.

Finish cooking the chicken until golden brown, crispy, while also respecting the point you like. Take it to a plate, serve with green sauce that you just prepared and accompanied by a rich salad, some steamed vegetables or some couscous, for example.

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