Light curd and fruit dessert

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35818923-ensalada-de-frutas-org-nicas-frescas-kiwi-fresa-pl-tano-grosella-manzanaLow calorie dessert of ricotta and fruits

Cottage cheese is a rather lean, protein-free, low-fat cheese style that will not add too many calories to your diet. You can incorporate it in different ways, as in this dessert, where it mixes with fruits and other ingredients, to configure a tasty, fresh and original light recipe. It is a question of what you try and you will see how it becomes a habitual one.


50 grams of cottage cheese or skim ricotta, preferably 0%
Half cup of strawberries
Half a cup of diced peach
Half cup kiwi cubes
The juice of an orange
A spoonful of honey
Stevia or sweetener allowed to taste

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Place the cottage cheese or ricotta in a bowl. Add the orange juice and the spoonful of honey; If you liked a touch of cinnamon, then go ahead. Beat well until you have some cream. Put in a bowl all the fruits cut in a bowl, sprinkling with stevia or the sweetener you like and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix well.

To finish, you will only have to serve a portion of the fruits, along with one of the “cream” of curd. Thus, you will have a fresh dessert, tasty and perfect for any time of day. It does not even bring too many calories to not allow it and offers you a good balance of ingredients. If you prefer a similar alternative but without animal products, substitute the cottage cheese for a soft tofu.

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