Light dessert to entertain mom

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43371973-postre-de-la-fresa-con-menta-delicada-mousse-de-fresasLow calorie tiramisu for a special day

He approaches the day of the mother and certainly want to honor her. To do this, I suggest that you prepare one light dessert such as tiramisu low calorie for a very special day.

The Mother’s Day approaches and safe’ll be thinking about how honor her. While you can make crafts or special cards, you can also prepare a very tasty dessert, but watching calories and fat, so Mom eat without worry.

Tiramisu recipe low calorie for a special day

Ingredients for 6 servings

5 eggs.
Half a kilo of mascarpone cheese, mixed with a teaspoon of powdered sweetener.
100 gr. powder sweetener.
100 gr. syrup (50 g. of powdered sweetener and 50 ml of water).
1 kilo of strawberries.
100 gr. chopped almonds.

First prepare the cream, for it separates the whites and yolks.
Beat the egg yolks with half the sweetener until well together.
On the other hand Whisk egg whites and add the remaining sugar until meringue form.
Mix the egg yolks with the cheese and finally add the meringue and reserve.
Meanwhile, half a kilo of processed strawberries with syrup and the rest of the strawberries cut them into thin slices.
How to prepare a cup of tiramisu?

Cover the bottom of the glass with sliced ​​strawberries. Add a little cream and put back another layer of strawberries.
Finally adds another layer of cream and bring to the refrigerator for two hours.
Before serving sprinkle with crushed almonds.
Remember serve cold.
This dessert is low in calories, low in fat and low in simple sugars; ideal place to savor, enjoy and entertain mom on her day. If you want other light desserts, you can prepare light orange custard, apple or light cheesecake with strawberry crepes.

The most important thing is that this is a dessert made with your own hands and with love. Enjoy it!

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