Light foam apple

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50416917-appleA tasty, fruity and easy recipe to prepare

The apple is a fruit par excellence of any diet. And besides, you can be part of rich desserts, as this light foam apple that you can learn to prepare this article.

The desserts are often the complication of all diets in the world. Those who are fond of sweet, usually the most are tempted to eat something tasty time. But, as always touts from this space, it is best to look for alternatives, sharpen your wits, keep trying to give variants with recipes that satisfy your palate.

This light foam apple can be the option you were looking for. So, you will see that in a dessert can combine something light, perfect for a diet, but while still being tasty at all. Just follow the steps described in the recipe and put it into practice as soon as possible.


A red apple
A green apple
Two egg whites
A little passion fruit pulp
Noncaloric sweetener to taste

Peel the apples and cut them into small cubes. Put them in a skillet or saucepan over low heat well. The idea is that is cooked until it forms with them a sort of puree. Remove from heat and let cool, as previously preparing sweeten to taste. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites until they are completely ready. With soft, enveloping movements, linking both preparations carefully.

Place the dessert in the refrigerator until completely fresh and ready to serve. Just at that moment, you must choose to throw over some passion fruit pulp, which will give an acid splendid touch this fruit dessert and completely low in calories.

As you have seen, eat something rich and tasty does not have to be a taboo on a low calorie diet. Dare with this dessert, which is simple and will appeal to the whole family. Not counting your calories are really low.

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