Light pineapple and passion fruit salad

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43900565-pineappleA perfect dessert to lose weight by eating rich

Fruit salads are always great for losing weight, without losing sight of the properties that have the ingredients that make it up. You can try this salad with pineapple and passion fruit, among other things. Tasty, refreshing and completely light.

A good fruit salad can be the best light dessert at any time of the year. It allows you to group together a certain amount of nutrients and ingredients that are very beneficial to your health. Of course, if you choose fruit with fiber and with slimming properties, then much better.

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These qualities are usually present within tropical fruits. Pineapple, for example, is considered a negative calorie food, because the body consumes more energy in digesting it than the one it provides. Others like the mango provide fiber. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, like passion fruit. Which also has its benefits. If you mix all these fruits in a salad, you have a great dessert, with particular flavors and that will help you lose weight eating rich and healthy.


a handle
Two small passion fruit or one large
a kiwi
A slice of pineapple
The juice of an orange
Sweetener allowed to taste

Cut the handle into cubes, after peeling off its shell and removing the central fibrous bone. Put it in a fountain, where you will add the kiwi (also peeled) cut. Then add the pineapple into cubes. Finally, cut the passion fruit in half, extract all its pulp and juice, adding it to the salad. It will give you a truly unique fragrance. Finish with the orange juice, which will also help to integrate the flavors and give a little more smoothness to the preparation. If you want, sweeten it with your favorite product, but you will see that it does not lack either.

Let this delicious fruit salad sit in the refrigerator for about two hours. Now you will not have to enjoy this delight with all your family. You can decorate with some peppermint leaf or peppermint if you wish. And then there will be only to devour it, knowing that it will not affect your diet, but quite the opposite.

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