Light pork with applesauce

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17756575-carne-de-cerdo-fresca-cruda-en-la-tabla-de-cortarA low calorie recipe, delicious and gourmet

Pork recipes are much more light than you might think, as long as they are prepared as well and choose the cut of meat. You can try this tenderloin with applesauce, completely low in calories.

A few days ago you’d have read the note which spoke that pork is not as harmful as believed for a diet. And this is something certain, as long as you stick to cuts that are not fatty and are rather protein and low in calories. The sirloin or carré is a clear choice in this kind of meat, for example.

For this reason, today have the opportunity to sample a delicious light pork recipe. It is a delicious steak cooked very lightly and with an accompaniment that will fit wonders: A applesauce. You will only follow the recipe proposed in the article and try as soon as possible.


A fillet of pork tenderloin about 100-150 grams
A stream of beer (preferably red)
A teaspoon of mustard
A stream of soy sauce
Two green apples and a pinch of cinnamon (for puree)
Salt and pepper

Place to brown on both sides fillet pork tenderloin. Cook until it is almost ready, at which time it will retire the fire, the jet will add red beer, soy sauce and mustard teaspoon. When the alcohol has evaporated, incorporates the steak back to the sauce and let it all cook together finish.

Meanwhile, cook the two apples with skin in the microwave with a little water, so they are not too dry. When they are tender, you will have more to remove the pulp and prepare them into a puree, which you will add a touch of cinnamon, which fits him perfectly. Now, everything is simple: on the plate you put a little puree and pork tenderloin with sauce. A rich, soft, low in calories and with that bittersweet touch that feels so good to pork recipe.

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