Light propellers with chicken and zucchini

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12157552-un-surtido-de-pasta-italiana-nueve-variedades-diferentes-separados-en-una-caja-decorativaShort pasta with a light and delicious sauce

Pasta does not have to be banned in the diet to lose weight, much less. The important thing is not to abuse it and take it with sauces or accompaniments that do not throw away all your effort. You can try this delicious recipe, where it is accompanied with chicken and zucchini, generating a recipe well complete for any time.


50 grams of propellers or any other short pasta
A 100-gram fillet of chicken breast
a zucchini
Half an onion
medium pepper
vegetable spray
Soy sauce
Salt, pepper and some chopped fresh herb

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Boil the pasta in plenty of boiling water with salt until it is ready. Pass through ice water to cut off the cooking and reserve. In the meantime, saute the fried onion in a wok or frying pan with the diced chicken and zucchini and pepper in strips. All sprayed with vegetable spray. On the end of cooking, add a little soy sauce. The idea is that the vegetables are not completely soft, but the chicken must be cooked.

Serve the pasta with the sofrito of chicken and zucchini, finishing the plate with salt, pepper and some fresh herb chopped for an additional touch. Parsley, cilantro, oregano, thyme … All are going great. Thus, you will have ready a light recipe in a matter of minutes.

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