Light salad chicken and pineapple

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43900565-pineappleA delicious combination of sweet and sour salad

A chicken salad where, fruits, vegetables and a rich dressing combine, it is impossible to put it aside and give him at least a chance. You can learn to prepare light in this simple recipe.

And needless to say that the salads are the best options when it comes to feed on a diet. It’s that allow you to gather a lot of ingredients in one dish, combining nutrients of all kinds, which allows you to eat well when losing weight.

The proposed in this recipe also gives a delicious bittersweet touch. Imagine eating chicken, but combined with pineapple, apple, celery, onions and more. You will have no other to try this delicious recipe, perfect if you are someone who likes this kind of preparations where flavors, colors and textures come together without any guilt.


Two large slices of pineapple
100g of diced chicken
Half a cup of cooked corn
A green apple
Two stalks celery
Half red onion
One tablespoon of orange juice
One tablespoon of balsamic vinegar juice
Half tablespoon of olive oil
A teaspoon of mustard
pepper and cilantro or parsley salt,

To begin, you must already have cooked, tender and fresh corn (you can use pot, and also shelled or frozen, but naturally always better). Saute the chicken in a hot plate drizzled with a little vegetable spray until cooked and golden. Put it with corn, green apple, diced, sliced ​​celery, onion pen and pineapple cubes.

To spice up the dish, a mixture of orange, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mustard. Salt and pepper to give the right touch and a bit of cilantro (if you want to give an additional Latin twist) or parsley, if you find it too invasive first. So, you already have a bittersweet list, light and perfect salad to eat as a single dish. nutrients are balanced, it has many ingredients that are perfect to lose weight and also is quite original. Do not forget to test it.

Moreover, in this video you will find a couple of options with chicken and pineapple, which can include rapid pineapple diet.

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